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Introducing The Mega Man Battle Network Series


The Mega Man Battle Network game series is an action-packed battle game that features the adventures of a blue-suited protagonist, MegaMan, in a virtual world. He navigates cyberspace to defeat viruses with the help of his operators. The series, spanning six editions, can be played on multiple gaming systems and has gained popularity worldwide for its unique role-playing game style and graphics.

In the Mega Man Battle Network series, players embark on a journey through cyberspace where they encounter various bosses and enemies. The battles are won when players defeat these enemies, collect chips to augment their fighting skills and proceed to the next level. MegaMan ranks up abilities as he progresses through levels, gaining experience points and winning battles.

One unique feature of the series is its focus on both strategy and fast-paced action. Players must use different tactics for each enemy encountered, as every virus has weaknesses that can be exploited with specific chip combinations. In addition, online multiplayer modes offer players endless gameplay options with new challenges to face.

The Mega Man Battle Network was first released in 2001 by Capcom Co., Ltd. It exponentially evolved through every edition release until its end in 2006. With its combination of RPG mechanics and real-time combat gameplay style, the series quickly established itself internationally as a fan favorite among gamers worldwide.

Trying to choose which version of Mega Man Battle Network 4 to play is like trying to decide between blue or red Jello - both are good, but ultimately it doesn't really matter.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Which Version to Play?

Mega Man Battle Network 4 offers different versions to play, each with unique features and gameplay. To choose the right version for you, consider these points:

  • Differences in story - Red Sun and Blue Moon versions have distinct storylines

  • Villains - The main antagonists in each version are different

  • Chip and Battle System varieties - each version offers a varying selection of chips and battle systems

  • Navis - The playable NetNavis vary between versions

  • Post-game content - Each version has exclusive post-game content

Additionally, keep in mind that Mega Man Battle Network 4 is the first game in the series that introduces cross-network compatibility, allowing players to connect with other players running the opposite version. For added enjoyment, try both versions.

Pro Tip: Consider playing both versions of Mega Man Battle Network 4 to experience the full range of gameplay options available.

Get ready to flex your fingers and your brain with the intricate gameplay mechanics of Mega Man Battle Network 4.

Gameplay Mechanics in Mega Man Battle Network 4

In Mega Man Battle Network 4, the gameplay mechanics are intricate and diverse. The game focuses on real-time combat in a virtual world with intricate RPG elements.



Battle System

Using cards to execute attacks and chips to modify upgrades

NetNavi Customization

Upgrading NetNavis with unique abilities and special chips

Real-Time Combat

Dodging, blocking, timing, and executing moves to defeat enemies

Apart from these standard features prominently available in the previous version of the game, Mega Man Battle Network 4 presents unique twists. For example, the player can now combine different chip types to create stronger characters. Also, there is a new trading system that allows players to trade custom NetNavis internationally.

PRO TIP: Mastering dodges and blocks in real-time combat can give you an advantage, allowing you to execute powerful counterattacks.

Ready to chip away at your enemies in Mega Man Battle Network 4? Get your battle face on and let the combat commence!

Battle Chips and Combat in Mega Man Battle Network 4

Battle strategy and Chip selection are crucial in achieving success in Mega Man Battle Network 4. Using Semantic NLP techniques, let's explore the tactics and Chips used in Combat.

The following table showcases the most notable Chips used in Mega Man Battle Network 4, along with their respective statistics. Each Chip has its unique abilities that prove useful in battles and can be acquired by completing tasks, purchasing them from the store, etc.

Chip Name


Charge Time




1 second

Basic ranged attack.




Melee attack.



3 seconds

Explosive attack.




Pulls enemies to your area.




Temporary invisibility to avoid enemy attacks.

Additionally, it is essential to pay attention to MegaMan's health bar, which diminishes when he takes damage from enemy actions. Some Chips offer healing properties for recovering lost health instantly. The use of terrain can also be an advantage, using Ice Panels or Lava Panels for slowing down or dealing additional damage respectively.

Pro Tip: Continuously experiment with different Chips and combinations to develop a personalized Battle style that best suits you and ensures victory against tough opponents. Get ready to jack into a world where viruses are the real enemy and a 10-year-old kid is the only one who can stop them in Mega Man Battle Network 4.

Storyline and Plot of Mega Man Battle Network 4

Mega Man Battle Network 4 brings back our beloved protagonist, Mega Man.EXE, and immerses players in a thrilling cyberworld. With amazing graphics and engaging gameplay, it takes the series to another level. The storyline revolves around an evil organization named WWW, which is causing chaos in the network. Mega Man has to team up with his friends to stop them from causing more harm.

The game progresses as Mega Man explores cyberspace and battles various viruses while uncovering clues that lead him closer to facing off against the leaders of WWW. Additionally, there are some new gameplay mechanics added that require collecting chips that can be used during battles and upgraded through usage.

One unique feature of Mega Man Battle Network 4 is the inclusion of two different versions: Red Sun and Blue Moon. Both versions share most elements but have distinct storylines and differences in chips. Players could trade with each other to collect all possible chips or play both versions for a complete experience.

To get the most out of this fantastic game, players should focus on collection all available chips and customise their loadout according to their playstyle. They should also use online resources like forums or walkthroughs for help with challenging battles or puzzles.

Get ready to meet a cast of characters that makes The Avengers look like a lonely Saturday night.

Characters in Mega Man Battle Network 4

Mega Man Battle Network 4 features various characters significant to the game's storyline. The game, with its engaging plot and fast-paced action, has a range of characters playing pivotal roles throughout.

  • Mega Man.EXE - A virus-busting hero who seeks to protect the computer world.

  • Lan Hikari - Mega Man's operator and the primary protagonist of the series.

  • Mayl Sakurai - Lan's childhood friend who owns Roll.EXE, another NetNavi considered one of Mega Man's love interests.

  • ProtoMan.EXE - Another virus-busting hero that often comes to Mega Man's aid.

Aside from their distinct actions and abilities, each character displays unique characteristics that add depth to the story. These individuals face struggles as they navigate through challenging situations.

It is best to spend time building relationships between these characters while completing tasks in-game. Players should work on team-building exercises to see new sides of each character and unlock additional items or missions. Fostering relationships between these online beings will make for a more enjoyable experience overall.

To enhance gameplay, try using different characters' abilities when clearing stages or boss battles. Utilising various attributes can create new outcomes and open up hidden areas within the game. Overall, understanding each character operates within Mega Man Battle Network 4 can improve overall playability and make the gaming experience more satisfying.

Choosing between Mega Man Battle Network 4 versions is like choosing between ice cream flavors - they're all good, but some are just more deliciously satisfying than others.

Comparison between Mega Man Battle Network 4 versions

Mega Man Battle Network 4 comes in two versions - Red Sun and Blue Moon. Here's a breakdown of the differences, to help you decide which version to choose:


Red Sun

Blue Moon

Exclusive Boss



Exclusive Chips



Scenario Differences

Varying story arcs

Different villains

If you're looking for a unique gameplay experience, it's worth noting that the storylines differ between versions. In Red Sun, players will battle the World Three organization while in Blue Moon, they will face off against WWW.

Pro Tip: Consider borrowing both versions from friends or renting them before making a purchase to determine which one suits your gameplay style better.

Whether you're Team Red Sun or Team Blue Moon, there's no denying that Mega Man Battle Network 4 is the ultimate battle for your thumbs.